Thursday, December 10, 2009

Getting Ready For Christmas

I didn't do to much yet, since I grew up in Europe, we don't have the Christmas tree until Christmas eve. Our Christmas is a little bit different. Santa comes on December 6th with a bag of sweets and Jesus brings the tree and the presents on the 24th. December 25th and 26th are Christmas first and second days. So we have three days of Christmas!
Even it's a little bit different, we are getting ready the same way as American people. Shopping, cooking, decorating our homes.....getting nice candles....just like these, mmmm
I ordered a wonderful candle from etsy, it smells like Christmas tree!!! Even we don't have a tree yet, we have the smell of it!!! I ordered the "Home" one to make our little apartment "homey". It says
"A house is made of wood and stone, but only love can make a home."
I LOVE it!!! Thanks Marla!!!

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